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    Can you collect data for mailto:

    Angyl Level 1
      I have a project for a class due in website development. Teacher wants us to include a form that transmits data via mail.

      I've built all my Flash forms to transmit data via php which, of course is superior, but I don't trust this particular teacher to give me credit. His instructions said mail so I want to set it up to mail.

      so the question is: Can you use mailto: to gather form data and populate the e-mail automatically?

      btnSubmit.onRelease = function() {
      message.From = txtName.text;
      message.Email = txtEmail.text;
      message.Phone = txtPhone.text;
      message.Comment = txtMessage.text;
      message.sendAndLoad(" http://www.angyl.net/webComment.php?ck="+new Date().getTime(), messageSent);