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    Returning data from _AdobeInvokeFunctionInScriptFile

    Jocke J



      I am writing a InDesign panel using Configurator and a HTML Widget. The HTML widget loads a file that contains a bunch of form elements. When the user interacts with the form some actions are triggered and I am using the _AdobeInvokeFunctionInScriptFile() function to perform the acctual scripting. There is one issue that I really need help with. I want to return some data that I have got from InDesign but I am not able to do that.


      I have a jQuery listener that triggers the function below with some arguments. The _AdobeInvokeFunctionInScriptFile function runs the returnString function(in utils/tools.jsx) but I am not able to get hold of the string returned in the function.


      _AdobeInvokeFunctionInScriptFile("utils/tools.jsx", "_Configurator", "returnString", myArguments);


      this._Configurator = {
          returnString: function (args){
              return "This string is returned";


      Does anyone have an idea what I could do?