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    Feature requests




      We've been working with Edge for about a week now, and it's been very well received by our designer which was used to work with Flash. However, as a coder I'm having some challenges which integrating animations from Edge with our websites. Some of the issues I'm having might be possible already, but it's not clear how (not for me at least).


      Removal of the jQuery version dependence in the preloader


      We are running jQuery 1.8.3, while Edge 1.5 is linked with 1.7.1. I've removed the loading of 1.7.1 from the generated preloader file, and everything seems to run just fine with 1.8.3 as well. Most sites already run jQuery, so you shold definately upgrade the bundled version to something current, in addition to allow us to edit the versions from Publish Settings or similar.


      Control the image paths better / support for external images


      We recreated our old ad rotator (in site, not external) which loads a set of images and shows slides / animations of those. Currently we load these images from a separate host (CDN), and we have to manually rewrite the image paths in the generated Edge JS files. They now point to images/sample.png, which we in this case rewrite to /images/sample.png. The script file is also loaded from the CDN host, so the new path will then also load.


      Better fallbacks


      We still have 5-6% IE8 users, and displaying a static image is not ideal for us. We have decided to do a Flash-fallback, but I'd like to see support for IE8. The basic CSS transitions can easily be implemented in Javascript. If that's not feasible for you, what about improving the support such as some basic scrips for rolling over more than one image?


      The current published files are too tightly coupled on paths


      In addition to the point about image paths I'd also like to be able to specify where the edge_includes are stored. We keep vendor libs like these separate from our own code (which would be the generated ad-rotator JS code + action + preloader).



      That's all for now. Keep up the great work!