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    Elements 11 Can't Find My Catalogues


      Having successfully restored 2 catalogues from PS Elements 6 backups on an EHD, I was quite happy working in the last restored catalogue, but on trying to revert to the earlier transferred catalogue, (that I had fully viewed and verified in PS 11 after the original restore), I note that neither of my 2 catalogs appear in the available catalog list when using the Manage Catalog command. This is particularly strange as the correct location of the catalog I'm currently using shows in the System Info. I have tried all 3 options for locating the catalogs (that are stored in hidden folders in My Pictures, rather than the default location) and getting them to list in the Manage Catalogs window without success. In using the Browse option I first tried specifying My Pictures as the location of the catalogs with the Catalogue folders hidden, and then in desperation unhiding them and specifying the hidden folders themselves, but nothing comes up. Help.