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    Best workflow between Premiere and Encore for subtitling...


      Hello All,


      I switched from FCP and DVDS Pro to Premiere and Encore but having trouble to get the same workflow for the type of work we do here,


      We deal with lots of foreign films that will be distributed on DVDs and streamed via places like Xbox, PSN and such.


      We tried by starting by laying the final edit of the film in Premiere and placing subs.  We found out that there was no easy way to export the video track as an stl or compatible format so we outputted the film and used subrip to create an srt which worked ok when we brought it over to DVDSP but subrip always generates lots of bad text which has to be manually fixed.  I than decided lets try Encore cause it must be more compatible with Premiere for transferring info between the two but have not found a good way to do this yet. 


      What would be the best work flow between the two programs so you can create a DVD with subs and also have movie with a sub track that can be outputted for VOD besides having to do the work twice?  I am sure many production houses have this need.


      Thank you all for reading and look forward to some ideas.  We are using CS6.