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    The width tool – and its ghost anchor points


      Hi everybody,


      i looked up everywhere now, but it seems, the problem hasnt solved yet. A Bug? No way, not with that great tool, they would update it, right? 


      Soo to my case:

      I try to use the width tool, and in most of my cases it works perfectly.

      But if im opening a document from my friend (we both have Illustrator CS6 at the newest update) it wont work perfectly. (By the way, on my friends computer the width tool never worked right)


      Some Time ago, there was another thread about this, but it wasnt solved in the end. So I quote this, because it makes clear what im up to (just look the video, and you will understand):


      » I've been trying out the new Illustrator CS6 and while using the Variable Width Tool I found it is not accurate, at least the anchors appear somewhere else from where I am clicking...

      I've uploaded a pic. and a videoto clarify.

      This is a line with no other 'width anchors', after pulling the handle, the anchor appears in another place from where I was editing the width... «




      Do you know the problem? Do you know a solution?

      Would be great, thanks in advance!




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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check if the object has Align to pixel grid on. Turn that off.

          Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.17.00 AM.png


          In the tranform palaette (especially on your friends computer) turn off align new objects to pixel grid, so future objects will not get that option turned on.


          Let us know if this solves your problem.

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            green_phanta Level 1

            Hi Mike, thanks for your Reply!


            Acctually I allready tried to turn that off. Nothing Changes.

            I just tried again on my Mac, but still, the tool wont behave correctly.


            The weird thing is, I cant figure out a system – why or when the problems occur. Sometimes I can do 5 width-tool-anchors without problems and the 6th is like the video above.

            I add a CS6 File with two paths inside. Some of the width tool anchors behave correctly (I marked them red) some not … on the same path acctually. You have to zoom in maximum to see the effects more clearly.

            Maybe you could give it a try and report me if you got the same issues? Or you got any other idea?


            Thanks a lot!








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              DavidLloydImageworks Level 1

              This issue has plagued me since cs6! I am working in CC (17.1.0) and it is still there! Working with illustrations with hundreds of worth points, hovering the cursor over the path, searching for the control point by braille because click/dragging on the actual place the control point appears creates a new width point away from where the original actually is. this makes me hate this tool as much as I love the promise of it.