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    Responsive animation but not image




      I've checked out most tuts on how to make animations/images responsive, i.e. have them adapt to screen size/resolution. I still have a problem though. If you would be so kind to check out this page:




      and then decrease the browser window. Then you see that the propeller of the windmill doesn't adapt so well. It's a symbol and I've set it to a % value on the X axis under "Position and Size" in the "Properties" tab. The result is that the symbol keeps itself somewhat aligned with the windmill pole on the Y axis. But how to have it stay in place on top of the pole and preferably decrease in sixe with the browser window? I have also tried to set the dimensions of the actual image inside the symbol to % values. But still it refuses to rezise along with other content.


      A remedy (if any) for this would be very much appreciated!