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    embed code help, plz

    Randa Gabriel Level 1

      Hi, i need help with embeding my form. when i copy the embed code i receive the embed code is copied to clipboard. when i try to paste it anywhere word, dreamweaver, notepad, web editor... i can't paste it. i had to write it down letter by letter and confirm with Randy Swineford that my scripts are right. now despite this, i couldn't manage to find the error. can you please review my code and let me know if the error is in the code or elsewhere. thank you




      <script type="text/javascript" scr="https://formscentral.acrobat.com/Clients/Current/FormsCentral/htmlClie nt/scripts/adobe.form.embed.min.js"></script>

      <script type="text/javascript">

      var fAnmW_2al_2aUbbkan93yrS65vw = new

      1. ADOBEFORMS.EmbedForm({formId:"AnmW*l*Ubbkan93yrS65vw", width:765, transparent:false});







      would appreciate if u email me as well to randa@randagabriel.com and beestop@yahoo.com (ccied)

      thanks a lot