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    NetConnection failes

      I'm working on a Flex application that is making remoting calls to an ASP.NET server using WebOrb. I'm trying to use the NetConnection class to make these remoting calls. For the most part this works, but every now and then the call fails and I get a dialog box that pops up saying "Error #2044: Unhandled NetStatusEvent:. level=error, code=NetConnection.Call.Failed" etc... If I handle this event the dialog box will not pop but, I can't determine which method call failed. To further my confusion I am supplying a status function to the Responder. For example a call to my Login remote function looks something like this:

      new Responder(receivedResult, failedCallBack),

      For some reason when the call fails my failedCallBack is not being called; instead the NetStatusEvent is being raised, and there isn't enough information in that event for me to determine which call failed. I have tried using RemoteObject instead. If I use RemoteObject the calls still fail, but becuase I can add an Fault event listener to each individual function I'm able to determine which function failed. The problem with RemoteObject is I can't figure out how to make make cross domain calls (something I will need to support). I appreciate any help. I'm really a noob when it comes to Flex, so any help would be needed. Note: before I get flammed I have been digging into message boards and books for several weeks before making this post on the message board.
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          I also have this same issue with AS3, but I'm not using Flex so I do not have access to RemoteObject.  Does anyone have a resolution to this problem?  I am getting a NetConnection.Call.Failed (server down, debugging, etc), but my responder never gets a status update callback so I don't know which call failed.






          Doh!, didn't notice that this was on the Flex only forum... and I don't know how to move or remove my post.