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    Dreamweaver Template Issues




      I have been trying to set up some Dreamweaver Template files.


      I have defined an editable region for the content to go in, I then create a new file using this template and start editing the page.  However when I put in too much content, the editibale region doesnt flow or stretch its height to match the content. (I have attached a screenshot of DW to show that the design looks fine, but you can tell that the content overflows the editable region guidelines)


      This isn't a problem in any browser apart from IE7 (which I have attached a screenshot of to show you what is happening) where the content doesn't display properly.


      I was just wondering if anyone might know how to correct this issue?  If I need to provide any more details, code or screenshots it would be great if you could let me know.  And thanks for any help offered!







      IE7 template issue.jpg