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    How to stop an embeded video (youtube) ?


      Hi everyone,

      I've got the following problem :


      I've used this code :


      var youtubevid = $("<iframe/>");





      youtubevid.attr('src','http://www.youtube.com/embed/VRRql9jZ4vo');  // url/Video_Id

      youtubevid.attr('frameborder','0');       // 1 | 0

      youtubevid.attr('allowfullscreen','0');   // 1 | 0


      Inside the "compositionReady" trigger


      Now which code should I use, and where should I add it to stop the video from playing ?


      I tried the JQuery "player.stopVideo()" but I guess this is not as simple as that...


      The command "hide()" is just hiding the video, but not stopping it, which will be a problem as I have 4 other videos on this webs


      Any thoughts would be welcome