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    Elements install printer error

    joe tischler

      Photoshop elements version 9.0 will not print. 

      I received this program with my printer purchase.

      I have a canon mx712 printer and have downloaded recent dirvers. 

      Elements gives the error :

           before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setuup or printing a document, you need to install a printer.


      This is overly frustrating!!

      What is the solution??

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          hatstead Rockstar

          In Windows, go to Control Panel>Devices and printers

          Right click on the printer,  select Printer Properties, and rename the printer to something short, e.g. "My Printer".


          Does that fix it?

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            joe tischler Newcomer

            Renaming the printer did not change the error.


            I even selected the parameters for Adobe rgb color.




            Some how Elements doesn’t recognize the printer.  I am tempted to remove and reinstall it but fear that there is something more to the problem.




            Surely this must be a common problem with other installations.


            I am running Windows 7 on a 64 bit Dell laptop.

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              hatstead Rockstar

              Perhaps contacting Canon support will be productive. It is my impression that this issue surfaces most frequently with HP printers.

              If you decide to uninstall/install, I would do it with your antivirus program temporarily disabled for the reinstallation.

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                joe tischler Newcomer

                Contacting Canon support is just a misdirection.


                My MX712 printer works fine with ALL the other applications including Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Office, AutoCad just to name a few.


                This clearly indicates an Elements problem






                In my devices and printers window I changed my default printer from the Canon MX712 to PDF lite then restarted Adobe Elements.


                When Elements was restarted the print selection screen then came up an I was able to select any of the printer selection from my list of devices.


                Elements printed just fine.


                Problem Solved.




                This could be added to your technical support strategy.


                It’s easy to lose customers because of such problems. 


                My persistence is unusual in this impatient world.


                Joe TJ