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    flex for mobile - busy indicator not working when followed by a code




        I have a simple scenerio, I have a part of code which takes like 20 seconds to compete , hence I want to show a busy indicator at that time.



      Busy indicator works fine, If indicator.visible = true/false is followed bu nothing. but some thing like below wont workk...


      indicator.visible = tue;


        do the heavy work


      indicator.visible = false;


      <as3 code>


      testid.setVisible = true;

                                              obj = ce.getContacts();


      testid.setVisible = false;


      </as3 code>

      <mxml code>

                                 <s:BusyIndicator id="testid" x="129" y="208" width="44" height="43" visible="false"/>

      </mxml code>


      The same scenerio if i use Cursor Manager, I understand thet as3 is not multi threaded but this is simple scenerio.. am i doing som ething wrong here ?


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