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    Styling the TabBar rollover color *without* skin

      Hello all,

      I'm styling the flex TabBar using Adobe flex explorer, and facing a very annoying problem while trying to set the rollOver color of the tabs.

      At first place I thought I could set the rollover color using the tabStyleName's fillColors style, but this style can only get 2 colors that determines the default bg color, unlike the ButtonBar, whose fillColors can get 4 colors where the last 2 determines the rollover colors.

      Since TabBar extends ButtonBar, I thought that instead of using the .tabStyleName I could use the buttonStyleName , in which I can define rollover colors with the fillColors style which receives 4 colors, where the last two, determines the rollover color, as the buttonStyleName has no effect on the tabs.

      This is a link to a demo project that illustrates the problem:

      I will be very glad to get some ideas to get around this.

      Thanks a lot,