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    Dreamweaver 5.5 os x (lion 10.7.5) freezes


      I was able to use Dreamweaver for all of about a week before it "crashed". I've tried calling support twice, I've tried reinstalling Dreamweaver, and I've tried the clearing the old preferences trick so I'm at a bit of a loss on how to get this running again.


      Unfortunately I get no error message. Here's what happens ...


      I try to open Dreamweaver, spash screen comes up, it loads, then it tries to load the 5 pages I had open when the original crash happened. It doesn't load them however, it just sits there with a spinning beach ball into eternity. The only way to get out of it is to force quit. When I do, I have the option to see the report (which, out of curiosity I copied and pasted into a Word doc to see if there was anything even remotely recognizable in there and it's 145 pages ....), but I get no specific error code.


      I have the 5.5 Creative Suite and all the other software is working fine.


      I've gone all through the boards and didn't see a specific issue such as this and like I said, I tried the usual fixes with no luck.