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    Metadata changed externally


      I have just started to get this error.  I am using a Windows 7 machine & LR 4.3.


      Here is my workflow:

      Save images - JPGs only - on home server

      Import images into LR using "Add" option

      Go through the images in library for my initial pass

      Mark images as rejected or certain # of stars


      Immediately I get the overwrite error on the images I mark


      I select the "overwrite settings" option

      The error icon returns.


      These images have not been opened in any other program since initial import or even before.


      Any recommendations to resolve this error?



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          web-weaver Level 5

          I assume that by "overwrite error" you mean the "Metdata conflict warning" , and when you click on it you get this - see screen shot:



          This is an old bug in Lr. Do not be concerned about your images. Your images are absolutely fine because Lr saves every step you do instantly and automatically in the catalog.


          In addition to this saving to catalog there is an option (it's an option and not necessary for the function of Lr) to save the metadata to file. This is primarily for people who want / need to see the Lr edits in Adobe Bridge. Bridge cannot read the Lr catalog, but only the file. This makes it necessary to <save metadata to file>. The error message - it's actually not an error, it's just a hint - means that the data in the catalog and the data in the file are not completely identical. Since Lr always goes by its catalog - unless you do a <read metadata from file> your images are safe and sound.


          You can stop this message by doing this:

          Go >Edit >Catalog Settings >Metadata tab and uncheck the box <Automatically write changes to XMP>.

          After this Lr will stop saving metadata to file automatically and the error message will not appear.


          If you  want you still can save metadata to file, albeit manually. Either by going >Metadata >Save Metadata to File, or shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + S on your keyboard. You can batch save by selecting any number of images in the Grid View and hitting Ctrl / Cmd + S.

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            Smeal22 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.

            Yes, the image you posted is what I am refering to.


            I like having the metadata in my file since I sometimes share photos with my parents and would like the tagging and captioning I am doing added to the file metadata.


            I am curious why this error/bug is just now appearing.  Recently I downloaded and used a old version of Bridge to do some batch file conversion.  Before I only used PSE and LR.


            Is it possible that Bridge changed something in my settings?  And if so, can I change it back?

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              web-weaver Level 5

              I don't think that Bridge has anything to do with this. Bridge cannot change any settings in Lr.


              As said earlier this is a long-standing bug in Lr. One poster said that as they age age bugs become features .

              As far as I know there are only these two options:


              a) Either have <Automatically save changes to XMP> checked and live with the metadata warning.

              b) Or uncheck <Automatically save changes to XMP> and do a manual <save metadata to file>.

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                Smeal22 Level 1

                thank you