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    Slide #s appear in Notes tab for slides

      I have a Presenter document and I've pasted the script into the PPT Notes pane so that it will populate the Notes tab of the finished course.

      However, the software has added the slide number to the top of most of the Notes tabs, as if it's part of the Notes text. So instead of seeing, in the Notes pane for slide 12:

      "Now we'll discuss the XYZ feature..."

      I'm seeing:

      Now we'll discuss the XYZ feature...."

      I don't want this number in there. How do I remove it? Thanks.
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          I know this response comes several years too late to help, but perhaps a reply will help another forum-searching problem-solver.


          For Powerpoint 2007, on the "View" tab of the toolbar, select "Notes Page" and look for a reference to your slide number in there. Then delete it, and it should disappear from your published presentations.


          I had an issue with copyright info appearing in my published notes tab, and I found it on the "Notes Master" first, but deleting it there didn't delete it from the individual notes slides. Had to do that by hand.


          Hope this helps somebody. It was a frustrating afternoon for me.