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    Sharing FLV Movies


      I have a flv player and I would like to include the option to share the movie you just watched. I am very stupid with flash so any help is vary appreciated. If someone can help me great but if you just point me to where I can find some more info about this is ok also. Thanks

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          Robert Reinhardt Level 2
          The concept of sharing is pretty straightforward, but I can only recommend some general steps in a reply:

          1. Create a form with textfields in Flash that appear when the user clicks a Share button. You'll need a "to:" field for the receipient email, and probably a comment field.

          2. Create a server-side script (e.g. php, asp, etc) that can accept the form data. Have the server generate an email and include the link to the URL hosting the FLV file.

          Is that helpful?
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            krustyrolando Level 1

            Thank you so much for your info, but like I said before I am very stupid with flash and I have never done anything like this before. I have seen your credentials and they are very impressive, is there anything you sell (book, video) that I can buy, or website that you can point me to so I can follow along the instructions. Again thank you so much for your help I really need it.