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    Placing Image - InDesign vs InDesignServer


      I have a script that correctly places images in tagged rectangles via script in InDesign, the script then exports to PDF. All is well.


      When I run the same script with the same image path folder structure in InDesignServer, the exported PDF does not show the 'placed' images. I'm getting no errors in my console.


      Early in the script I have;

      myInDesign.imagePreview = True


      I place the images with;

      myRectangle.Place myFile, False

      myRectangle.fit 1668247152

      myRectangle.fit 1667591779

      for each myItem in myRectangle.items





      I've tried it with and without the .unlink code (an attempt to force embedding of the images)


      In all other aspects the script works the same on ID as IDS. I'm starting my ID CS6 server with InDesignServer -previews


      I suspect I'm missing something with the PDF export preferences, but have no idea why it's working on ID and not on IDS.


      Any help greatly appreciated.