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    "On Enter" event in DataGridColumn

    RichRh61380 Level 1

      I've read the Language reference and there's no "on enter" event for DataGridColumn. I have a data grid reading and XML file which produces 5 rows of 10 columns. I need to be able to click in a field, change the value, hit enter and have that pass to a function to display the new value and the id of the cell the value is in (I'm actually using FDS to pass this new value to other clients who are viewing the screen - but for now I just want to be able to see an alert appear (or console message) with the rifght values).

      I've set "editable="true" on the DataGrid control, so I'm able to type in a new value, but when I hit enter the value is entered into the cell but nothing else happens with enter="send()" in the DataGridColumn.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks for any help,