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    Need help adding 'description' display field for clips in bin

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      I am buried in confusion right now trying to learn Metalogging. Some videos showing older versions of Premeier show that there is a 'third' field in thumbnail view of clips in the bin where a short text description can be added. I've clicked the flyout menu in the cs6 version in the project panel where I have clips showing in thumbnail view and I've checked and unchecked just about everything in the Metadata display choices and nothing changes in the thumbnail view when I go back to the bin and project window.


      Is there a way to add a short description field to the thumbnail view? I do not see columns for doing this in list view either. I also do not see any fields where I can click on and edit any of the existing fields.


      I'm done, looked at all the non-informative videos on the internet on this subject, many that do not apply to CS6, Coming here is my last hope.


      I would appreciate links to relevant videos, description, or any help on what seems to be a very useful area of working with Premiere Pro, but I am not able to break into it so far.