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    Inception Question. ID files inside ID files.


      I am trying to streamline our proofing workflow at work. I want to take the contents of an indesign file (id1) and place them into placeholders in another indesign file (id2) so that all of the pages from id1 are scaled and pages are generated as needed in id2. In the spirit of Data Merge, sort of.


      Id2 is our proof sheet, with information specific to the jobs along the top and bottom of an 8.5x11 page. Within that page I put a placeholder that matches the ratio of the pages on id1. I then want to place id1 (a series of 22x28 signs) into the placeholder and have it put all of the pages in automatically, without me having to make a new page, and click the placeholder.


      Is there some magic or common sense I am missing? Thanks for any help, and have a great day!