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    RH9 Search field/button expand out of view as search results load in safari

    KFarrelly Level 1

      I create Webhelp output in RH9 with XP Blue skin. Primary viewing means are via IE where the Search panel functions fine. There are issues with the search panel when help is viewed in Safari on iPad. When search results populate the left panel, the length of the Search field and Go button in the panel expand right such that they are no longer visible. Some assumptions: (1) Text in the search results is forcing the expansion of the Search field/button as results fills up the space (characters from the results are cut off from view as well on right side of left panel). (2) This behavior is due to the frames associated with the Webhelp output.


      Is anyone aware of a work around in RH9? I am not ready to upgrade to RH10, which I believe would potentially solve this and other issues related to output on Safari on iPad/Mac.


      Note: I already have a fix for the partially hidden 'Search results per page' section in the second image thanks to the http://forums.adobe.com/message/2635086 posting.


      IE example, no issue.



      Safari on iPad example.