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    RoboHelp 5 won't open

      Hi all,

      I have used RoboHelp 5 on my machine successfully for some time - until today I have never had a problem opening it.

      I have not had the chance to open it for a few weeks due to other work, and now when I double-click the icon it goes straight to a Windows Installer, saying it is "preparing to install".

      So obviously something I've installed recently does not play well with RoboHelp 5. Recently I have installed Captivate 3, as well as Crystal Reports XI. Does anyone have any guess as to what RH might be trying to install? Or perhaps any knowledge on what is the first dll RH tries to run when it loads?

      Or perhaps I'm all wet and this is not a dll issue at all?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Umm! I wonder whether the Captivate install has interfered with one of the RoboHelp .DLLs. Another potential culprit may be any trial version of RoboHelp installed that you have since removed? In either case, I fear the only solution may be to uninstall/reinstall RoboHelp. Before you remove it, check you have the disk or correct SETUP.EXE otherwise you'll have to go to Adobe with your licence details to get them.