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    How to remove "Blue filter" from multiple images in the History Panel

    Matthew A Kraus Level 1

      I am using Lightroom 4.3 on Windows 7 pc.  I have a collection with approximately 650 images.  I was working in the collection and had all the images selected.  Somehow I inadvertently must have hit a keyboard shortcut that effected all the images.  All of the images are negatively effected and they now look terrible.  When I go to the History Panel, all the images have "blue filter" as their most recent entry.  If I select one image and go back to the step before the "blue filter" everything looks fine  again.  My problem is I have this effect in 650 images.  When I try and do the change in one image and then synch to the rest, I don't know what box to check to remove this "blue filter" that has been added to all the images.  I know I can do them one by one, but with 650 images, it's a long and tedious process.  Any way I can remove the "blue filter" from multiple images in a collection?




      Matthew Kraus