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    Image not filling frame

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      I am trying to place a circular image into an ellipse frame. It places. However, when I choose fit content proportionally or fill frame proportionally it's not filling it all the way. Here's the image in case people want to try it on their systems. Any idea what's going on?





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          MW Design Level 5

          Sure. Open your image in Photoshop or another image editor and crop it to the circle as tightly as desired. Your image still has that full shape even when transparent:



          So crop it to the circle, resave it and update your link.



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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            Or, if you don't want to edit the image:


            1. Select the image

            2. Select "Object" > "Clipping path" > "Options"

            3. Select "Type": Alpha Channel, and press OK. The new path is now selected.

            4. Select "Object" > "Clipping path" > "Convert clipping path to frame". The original image gets selected (oddly enough), so

            5. Select the path with the black arrow again.

            6. Select "Object" > "Convert shape" > "Ellipse"


            and you end up with a rather good elliptical fit.

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              graph22 Level 1

              Thanks Mike! It worked. Just strange because it worked fine yesterday without my having to do that. Why might that be?