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    Premiere Interpreting Same Filetype Differently


      I'm working on a MACPRO 2.66 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon with 16GB of RAM. I am working over a network via 10Gbe fiber connected to a main Storage Array and am working on CS6. I am creating cutdowns of weekly hourlong podcasts and then exporting them for the web. A description of my current workflow (simplified for purposes of troubleshooting)is:

      1. Ingest MP4 footage

      2. Create a sequence which requires nesting mulitple hour long clips

      3. Export that edited sequence as an mp4 compressed further for youtube.


      Prior to today the final encode has been taking 1.5hours. Today the encode is taking 5 hours. I have been checking to see what's different and the only thing that I have come up with is that one of the files of today's footage is getting imported as a quicktime movie while the last time around the footage was getting imported as an mpeg movie. When you select the properties of last week's and this week's file in premiere, this is in fact the case. Plus, the quicktime one is actually a "quicktime reference." There seems to be no way to get Premiere to import it a different way. What I don't understand is that both files are approximately the same size (give or take a few minutes) and when you pull up the info on the files in VLC or Quicktime both formats and settings are IDENTICAL. So the two questions I have are:


      1. Could the fact that premiere thinks one file is a quicktime be the reason why today's encode was 5 times longer?

      2. What could possibly be different about these two files that appear identical in format and wrapper?


      Thanks in advance for any insight.



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          Welcome to the forum.


          This is but a wild guess on my part, but unless I mixed things up, it's the QT Reference, that is taking the longer to process. That guess is that PrPro is needing to "fill in the blanks," on the Reference File. Why one, nearly identical file would show MPEG, and the other QT Reference, is a mystery to me.


          Also, I'm a PC-guy, but do work with a lot of MOV files from outside contractors (mainly 3D animators), but I specify MOV Animation, and those work just fine.


          I hope that others will have something useful for you, beyond my guesses.


          Good luck,