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    How do I getr my CS5 to read RAW files from my new Panosonic DMC FZ200?


      My Adobe CS5 can't read RAW files I'm attempting to PP in it from two new cameras. What  good is having software that is suppose to be able to read RAW files when it won't for new equipment. Surely it should be able to adapt to newer  cameras as they come along.Today I tried downloading a sample RAW file from a online review of the new Canon 5D Mark iii. It starts to open in CS5 but then says it can't read RAW files from this camera either. How do I change that in my Photoshop CS5. I havn't tried it in Elements 10 yet. will it do the same thing and will I need to change the settings there too? I can post process RAW files from my Canon XSi  and XTi  without any problem.