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    Different blacks, washed out bitmaps, what's happening?


      Searching through these forums and on the web, I see a lot of threads about blacks not matching and various color profile mismatchs, however, I haven't found a thread that addresses my specific issue. Perhaps someone here can please point me in the right direction?


      I'm trying to print a brochure from InDesign CS6. Many of the pages have a black background. The issue is when there is a bitmap on the page, the bitmap black is much grayer than that of the InDesign black. The bitmap is a high res TIFF that I've saved from Photoshop. Both Photoshop and InDesign are CMYK. All the color profiles seem to match up (SWOP). I've tried two versions of the TIFF, one that has a transparent background and another where the background is the same black (0 0 0 100). When I place each TIFF in the InDesign file, it looks completely fine - there is no separation between blacks. However, when it is printed, there is a clear separation between blacks. I've even exported to Acrobat Pro to see what the color values are there and it all seems to match.


      Perhaps related: within the same file, I've also placed a few other bitmaps, black and white JPGs this time. Those also are washed out, meaning that the blacks are somewhat more gray than expected - only when printed out.


      Also perhaps related: If I instead export the InDesign page as just one PNG file, and then print that, the blacks match up.


      This is so hard to figure out because on-screen, everything looks great. The problem is only when I print it out. Any ideas?