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    Is there a setting, or way to view time remapping % in absolute terms?

    George in Seattle Level 1

      This number appears to become practically meaningless after being nested a couple of times.   I am using the same 11 second loopable clip repeatedly, originally nested at 25% speed, which then becomes one of many new "100%"s of varying speeds.  This is for an instructional video with multiple captions that require different speeds for viewer reading durations. Some speeds slow to 5% for illustration purposes with line art, and speed up as the title ends.  The problem is when I want to link two clips of different nest levels together, it becomes impossible to match the connecting speeds exactly (the loop appears seamless when the connecting speeds match).


      So, is there some quick way in this process of knowing the absolute speed relative to "as shot"?


      Also why is the keyframe remapping speed not input-capable? (most everything else  is)  Is there any way to hard-key a speed into a keyframe?  I haven't previously done much time remapping, and I find using the mouse to be squirrely or inexact with little visual feedback as to what it is I am really changing.


      Thank you in advance for any input.