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    Disable Indesign Lock Files

    Insomn14c Level 1



      Is it possible to disable the .idlk files that are created when opening an InDesign document?


      If not, is it possible to change the directory they are created in (the default is the same directory as the file is contained).


      Looking forward to your replies

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          No, when a document is opened you will find the lock file on the same place. Why do you want to get rid of it? Others in the network or on your computer will see so that a specific file is open.

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            Insomn14c Level 1

            Trying to get it to work with our SharePoint solution.


            As the files create a ~filename~hash.idlk file, the tilde key isn't a valid character in SharePoint sites, so the file's can't be opened.

            SharePoint has the same built in functionality of stopping multiple users editing the same files so it isn't needed for us anyway.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I seriously doubt that there's anyway to defeat InDesign's built-in method for creating lock files. You'll simply have to copy InDesign files from your SharePoint server onto your local drive before opening them.

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                peter minneapolis Level 4

                Theoretically, it could be possible to create an ID stert-up for File > Open that runs an OS delete file <some-part-of-the-filename.idlk> command when the file has fully opened on Sharepoint. No idea of the consequences, though. Perhaps there's a Sharepoint method of disabling its file-locking for ID files, which is a good reason to check with Sharepoint forums or tech support.











                Peter Gold

                KnowHow ProServices    

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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  Trying to get it to work with our SharePoint solution.


                  I've seen some pretty competent Sharepoint devs try and fail to build workflows for InDesign users. In fact, it's my second-favorite way to humble a Sharepoint developer. However, seeing as we've seen a number of requests like yours on the forums, I think that there may well be a large enough pool of Sharepoint-integration-needing folks to merit a feature request.


                  (Note that there are two different links - one to the InDesign feature request forum, another to the Adobe feature-request submission form.)

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                    Insomn14c Level 1

                    @peter at knowhowpro; That wouldn't work, as the temporary file wouldn't be able to create in the first place, hence the document will not open.


                    Thanks @Joel Cherney, I'm still awestruck that it seems no-one has been able to integrate the two together, or if they have, they are keeping the secret to themselves I presume most just most away from storing their InDesign data from SharePoint as soon as they run into the first set of issues, which I can understand, however it isn't optimal for us.


                    I'll do a search and then submit through a feature+request.


                    Thanks for your time anyway, i'll post back if we have some magical breakthrough.

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                      AdobeNWB Level 1

                      I ran into this issue.   There is one workaround, but it isn't perfect.  Once you save your file to SharePoint, open it by using the open dialog and selecting "Open as Copy".  That will not lock the original file.  When you go to save your changes, just do a regular save.  It will prompt you to overwrite the original since you are updating a "copy".


                      The down side is a little extra work on open and no lock to prevent two people from modifying the same file at the same time.  If you are collaborating on a project, so be careful not to overwrite anyone else's work.  The up side is that you can use SharePoint.

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                        Noble Creative Level 1

                        Posted a feature request asking for the Tilde to be changed to an Underscore, Starting the lock file with an underscore will automatically hide the lock file in Sharepoint making it not easily seen. I would like to point out that Office documents use a tilde for their temporary files so Obviously MS works some magic to allow for this on their own file types.Shocking I know

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                          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional



                          I wonder if there is a way to ask for a different character than ~ tilda, something that SharePoint would not reject