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    Opening MS-Office 2010 documents in W7 is very slow




      I am using Adobe Drive v4.0.2.6 in Windows 7 enviroment connected with an Alfresco CMIS Repository.


      Everything works fine, browsing is fast, opening different file types is fast (PDF, PSD), context-menue in Windows-Explorer opens fast (check-in/check-out), works like a charm...


      Except the case when I try to open a MS-Office 2010 document (doc, docx, xls, xlsx ...). When Office start it is looking for the path \\AdobeDrive4\MainRepository\... (Contacting...) and nothing happens. I am wondering why it does not look at Y:\... .


      Opening a simple file takes more than 20-30 sec. (10kb). This is not a bandwith problem, because copying the file takes 1 sec. and other bigger files like 2-3MB PDFs just opens in 5sec. .



      Any ideas why MS-Office takes so long in connection with AdobeDrive?



      Thanks, Thorsten