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    Recommended YouTube format




      I want to upload clips to YouTube and I am wondering what settings are the best for doing that. I am on PE11 and the web sharing profiles for YouTube are not very complete.

      The original footage is 1920x1080 / 25 AVI format.

      I used Flash widescreen profile in the YouTube sharing section which gives very poor low res results. I am wondering whether it would be better to bypass the websharing menu alltogether and use the PC:AVCHD settings for MP4 encoding instead. There is also a Youtube HD profile that creates a 1080x720 file that can be uploaded manually then.

      Is there any reason why none of those profile settings have made it to the websharing menu and would it be possible to simply copy them over in order to make them available and use the automated uploading features on the dedicated YouTube menu?




      Berthold Hamburger