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    Can I Keep Stage3D From Writing Into the Z-Buffer?


      I want to render concealed objects and achieve a similar effect as the one shown in the link in Stage3D.


      Silhouette Effect in Torchlight 2


      I already know how to do this theoretically. I have to draw the object twice:

      • Once with normal settings and
      • once with a different depth sorting mode where only pixels that are behind rendered geometry are shown. Also, to prevent weird effects later on, these pixels can't be rendered into the depth buffer.


      I can set the correct depth sorting mode in Stage3D with Context3DCompareMode.GREATER. Is it also possible to have Stage3D render pixels into the back buffer, but not the z buffer?  If I can't keep Stage3D from rendering to the depth buffer, the effect will look like this:


      Glitchy Silhoutte Effect