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    Bug in Illustrator on MacBook Retina with external monitor

    jkravitz Level 1

      I noticed that in Illustrator CS6 - after the Retina update

      when I am working on a document on my MacBook Pro Retina - it look fine

      but when I connect to external Thunderbolt display - and start moving around objects on layer

      I get a bunch of white lines through my graphic where the object rectangle boundries were (in old position and when moved to new position)


      this is a display only issue as it does not get exported into final imgae, and it can be cleared by refreshing the screen (drag a window on top of it for example to force a redraw)


      however it makes editing very annoying as I'm workign with precision elements and they are getting sliced up with 1 pixel white lines everywhere and I have to go manually clear them every minute or two which is distracting.


      Anyone else having this issue? I suppose I'll open a bug report but wanted to see if anyone else noticed it as well.