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    text attach to path problem and adding second text


      I am using fireworks cs5.

      previously I have used fireworks 8.

      These are the problems I am encountering.

      I am creating a logo. I am using the eclipse tool to draw a perfect circle.

      I am using text tool to write logo name. I then attach the text to the eclipse tool. Now problems occur.

      For example I type "Smashing Pink" but when I attach it to the path for some particular reason it reads Pink Smashing around the circle. I have tried experimenting and I seem to have little control of the text whilst using fireworks 8 this was easy.

      Second question how do I add a second text. I want to have a slogan "Muswell Hill needs to you".

      When I click on the text tool bar it starts editing on the text to path.


      Thank you