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    Export as Separate PDF Pages with Unique Names


      I have an InDesign document that has several pages. I want to export each page as a seperate PDF, but they have to have a unique name that I want to be able to specify.

      For example, I want to export page 1 as "calendar page 2014"

      Page 2 as "Diary page 2014" etc.






      I found some solutions, but they aren't quite what I need:


      Export as Seperate pages with image name

      This apple script takes the name of the first image on the document and uses that as the name.

      However, my document has no images.



      A paid tool that offers many options for exporting. However, the name has to be based on a pattern, which is no good for me.


      I'm hoping that there will be a script that can take the name from a non-printing area/layer. That way, I can just put the desired name on the page and it will export with that name each time.