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    Moving/Merging Tags - CQ5.4 Bug?

    Ryan Lunka Level 3

      I ran into an interesting situation moving and merging some tags while reorganizing a tag taxonomy (CQ 5.4).  I'll simplify the scenario to explain what happened.


      These are my tags (namespace in all caps):


      NEW: new-parent > new-child

      OLD: old-solo


      Assume that all the tags are used somewhere so that the garbage collector doesn't immeidately clean them up.  I merged OLD:old-solo into NEW:new-parent.  When I did that, old-solo became "hidden" and now had a cq:movedTo set to "/etc/tags/new/new-parent", which I would expect.  The appropriate backlink property was also set on NEW: new-parent.  That tag has a cq:backlinks property set to "/etc/tags/old/old-solo", again as expected.


      Now here's what I don't understand.  The tag NEW: new-parent > new-child also got a backlink attached to it.  That tag has a cq:backlink set to "/etc/tags/old/old-solo/new-child", which obviously corresponds to the new-child's relative location beneath old-solo (which has now been merged into new-parent).  The problem is that because "/etc/tags/old/old-solo/new-child" doesn't exist and never existed, it causes certain TagManager operation to throw NullPointerExceptions when that node gets reference trying to resolve backlinks (if you're interested this happens on line 1225 of JcrTagImpl).


      This seems like a bug to me, either that this is appropriate and the UI should not allow an author to do this, or (more likely) that it's not correct.  I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or if anyone at Adobe is aware of the issue.  I wanted to reach out here before I open a DayCare ticket.




      EDIT: I originally experienced this in CQ 5.4, but I've since confirmed that it's still an issue in AEM 5.6.

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          Interesting - at first glance this sounds like a DayCare ticket I opened up a year ago.  Ticket #31878 for anyone from DayCare reading this.  We were given a (custom?) fix pack named tag-merge-backlinks-bug36257-2.0.zip (I assume the #36257 is for internal JIRA/Bugzilla tracking, since it is unrelated to the DayCare ticket number).  There were also two assurances in the DayCare ticket that this would be fixed in CQ v5.5, so I'm kind of shocked that you're seeing the issue in AEM v5.6 (we're still on v5.4, as well).  I suppose it is possible that we're actually talking about different issues, but it sounds VERY similar.  Perhaps it was accidentally reintroduced in v5.6?


          Be warned, if you get this fix pack, there was another issue introduced which was that tag admins can still see the merged/hidden tag in the left-hand tree view and if they attempt to delete the hidden tag, it will delete the tag it was merged into.  We opened another DayCare ticket for this (DayCare #33302, which apparently corresponded to JIRA/Bugzilla tracking #35194), and got another custom fix pack named Move_MergeTag-1.0.zip - and the DayCare ticket contained an assurance that this was fixed in CQ v5.5, as well.


          Good luck getting this sorted out, but I think you're going to need to submit a DayCare ticket to get the patches.


          I'd appreciate hearing back from Adobe to validate that both of these issues are indeed resolved in CQ v5.5 and AEM v5.6.



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            Ryan Lunka Level 3

            It does sound like the same issue.  I should clear up something about AEM 5.6.  I tested that backlinks are still incorrectly added.  I did not test that it still causes a NPE from JcrTagImpl.  It's possible that they just added a null-check in that class, which would probably "fix" though wouldn't "solve" the problem.  That could be the case.


            Also, the issue you mention about the left-hand tree view exists without your patch (which I obviously don't have).  I did notice it was fixed in AEM 5.6.

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              aklimets Adobe Employee

              As noted, the NPE was fixed for 5.5 with hotfix 36257. Additional backlinks are not an issue: if they point to a non-existing node, they will be ignored (here is where the NPE happened). This makes the merge logic simpler in that specific case.

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                Ryan Lunka Level 3

                Out of curiosity, is there a reason all of those extra backlinks get created?  I understand a null-check solution to avoid the NPE, but doesn't it still seem incorrect that backlinks would be created to non-existing nodes?  I didn't really dig into the code that creates the backlinks - just the code that processes them.  Is there a technical limitation or something that I'm not seeing?


                I'm just kind of curious now.  I'm glad to read that an author action cannot create a NPE now, per that hotfix.

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                  aklimets Adobe Employee

                  I think it is required as a safety measurement in case someone adds a new tag "old-solo/new-child".