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    Why is Show Audio Time Units not working? Maddening problem.

    msp1518 Level 1

      Gents, I am posting from iPhone and have no net access for computer so I will be brief and I cannot post screenshots.


      Editing with Show Audio Time Units is no longer working on my setup. Adobe CS5 Production Premium.


      I can only edit to film frames (project is 1080p24) and it absolutely will not allow me anything else. I have checked unchecked and rechecked the tab a dozen times. Restarted the program and even my computer a dozen times. I have lost my voice from yelling.


      WTH is going on here? I have put four 12 hour days into this one and am now completely stuck. Unable to move forward.


      I Would greatly appreciate some help. Posting via iPhone is insanely difficult. I opened an older project and it too was not able to edit with audio time units. It is as though my premiere pro is broken but I am absolutely unable to uninstall and reinstall right now. I must fix this here and now, located in the middle of nowhere with no net access.


      THis happened once before and no one had any answers. I was forced to dump the entire project. That is not an option here. Thank you.