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    Using Multiple Conditional Tags with Multiple WebHelp Outputs


      I have a project that I have created for a web application. Within the web application, there are 3 types of customers (Commercial Accts, National Accts, and Tier 1 Customers).


      I have tagged each help topic that is associated with the help topics I have created.


      Then, I created 3 webhelp outputs and 3 TOCs for each customer type.




      My goal is to publish the project, where each customer type has their own generated output. Doing it this way, what is listed in the TOC help topics for each customer type is not displaying correctly.


      Example: National Accounts TOC


      What is generated:

      I have tagged the help topics within the TOC to the appropriate conditional tag. Please help. Any advice? I can also be reached at tyeago@tyco.com