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    Need help with an if statement


      I have three variables: subA, subB, and subC. Originally I had the math such that (subC=subA/subB) and then I implemented a pattern so subC showed up as a percentage. That resulted in the possibility of subC being > 100%, which the client did not like. They asked if subC > 100%, that N/A appear. So I wrote the following script, which I'm sure is wrong because I don't have a lot of scripting experience and I got a syntax error. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


      form1.#subform[9].subC::calculate - (FormCalc, client)






      if (subC > 1) then

           subC = "N/A"

      elseif  (subC <= 1) then

           (subA/subB = subC)