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    Premiere takes forever to render an AE composition that renders in seconds inside AE. (CS6)


      So, I have a Premiere project that's basically a lot of After Effects compositions put together. It's a presentation of an architecture project, so it's mostly perspectives and a few animated sequences. No effects applied in Premiere, just a few cross dissolves and some titles.


      Each of the After Effects compositions in After Effect is quickly rendered (I'd say about 2 seconds per frame, if that). But  whenever I'm rendering them from Premiere (be it to export them or just "render effects in work area"), they take forever. Like, 30 seconds each frame. For a 6 minute film, that adds up to 3 entire days. That happens even when I set the work area in Premiere to a bit where there's nothing but the AE composition with no effects.


      I could just pre-render them all in After Effects and they'll render much quicker in Premiere, but then I'll have to it once for every composition (about 30 in total), and then do it again whenever one of the compositions is changed. That doesn't make a lot of sense.


      A few details:


      - Rendering in Full HD 23,976fps


      - There are a few different types of compositions. All of them are giving me a hard time. Some of them are compositions from 5000px wide PSD files with 2 layers and a linear wipe. Other is are DSLR .MOVs that are warp-stabilized and then timewarped to add motion blur. A few are .EXR sequences composed with a few effects and backgrounds.


      - When I'm rendering them in Premiere, Task Manager shows 13% CPU being used (1 core) and 2,5gb RAM. When I'm rendering the exact same sequence in AE, it's usually about 28% CPU and 6gb RAM. "Render multiple frames simultaneously" is unchecked. There's 16gb RAM and 3gb reserved for other applications. Everything is, of course, 64bit.


      - I'm using a Windows 7 on a 128gb SSD (plus a 1tb 7200 rpm HDD as a scratch disk and another for footage). i7 2600k, 16gb RAM.


      So... any ideas?




      P.S.: Man, I think I just got it. You're the best!

      I'd been banging my head against the wall for three days. I just realized every single sequence had a keyframe for time remapping where it was set for 100% speed the whole sequence, but went to 0% like 3 seconds after it ended. AND time remapping fx was unchecked (off). No idea why someone would put it there or why that would affect the rendering time of the whole sequence which is set for 100%... but apparently just toggling animation on that solved my problem. So here it is for if anyone else has the same problem.