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    Elements 11 again


      Hi sorry to be a pain, just moved from 9 to 11, you solved one problem for me, now found another. In 9, and before that 8, always kept photos in version stacks - Raw at bottom final tiff on top, catalog import has now got them all as separate photos. Any way I can get stacks back?

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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you 'import' your files or did you 'convert' the old catalog ?

          To keep version sets or stacks, you have to convert the catalog to the new database format in the catalog manager.

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            johnhh39 Level 1

            Ahh, I think I may have imported them, so how do I now convert them?

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              Andromeda14 Level 3

              In Elements 11, go to 'File->Manage catalogs' and click on 'convert' button. Locate your E9 catalog (Probably it will be shown in the dialog. If not click on 'Show converted catalogs' and check the list. Is catalog is still not shown, click on 'Browse' button to locate the E9 catalog). Select the catalog and click on 'convert' button. Once the conversion is complete, the catalog will be shown selected in catalog manager window. Click on 'Open' button and your catalog will be shown with stacks/version sets intact.



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                johnhh39 Level 1

                Hi again, tried that,first few times it couldn`t find the catalog, so then plugged old system back in (new PC,monitor and Pse11) and used PSE9 to convert and restore back-up to what I presumed would be originals. Then back with PSE11, this time it found catalog, so clicked convert, unfortunately it now decides there is an error, and it cannot convert - after going through the whole process, and I still have Raw image alongside tiff.  Oh well, it looks as if I shall have to do some post-production work on the old files, and who knows, maybe the results will be better this time, and I will have the old version to compare to before deleting.

                Thanks for your help, and my knowledge of PSE is increasing


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                  Andromeda14 Level 3

                  Try 'Optimize/Repair catalog' option in PSE9 and then try conversion in PSE11. To do that, click on 'File->Mange catalogs'. Select the current catalog and click on 'Repair' button followed by 'optimize' button (rebuild all indexes it asks).

                  Now try converting this catalog in E11.



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                    johnhh39 Level 1

                    Sorry if I`m a bit slow replying, tried that twice, not working, think fate must have decided that I need to go through all my photos and clear out the rubbish - and boy is there a lot! So I am going to take the opportunity to do some editing, and re-editing of the past 9 years. My skills have improved a bit - started with PS3 and it was all done in auto, so maybe it is time.

                    thanks for your help,

                    might be busy for a while