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    RH10 .cpd file settings, missing files and folders

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      I've just done an upgrade to RH10 and also am now operating under windows 7.

      We also use TFS revision control.


      When I opend each project for the first time in RH10 I found topics missing from the project and links broken but these were still present oin the local drive. I re added the missing files and folders which fixed the broken links.


      I then checked the cpd setting. It was set NOT to clear each time the project was opened at this stage. I was then able to check out tyhe porject and view and no problem with broken links.


      I then set the cps to regenerate each time the porject was opened. This thenh seemed to cuase the problems with broken links and missing files again. I therefore reset the cpd setting back to do not rebuikd cpd whci has fixed the problem for now.


      What I'd like to know is bearing in ind we're using TFS revision control and as far as I know cod is excluded from revsion control..


      Do I need to download any updates?

      What cps setting should I use and is this different for RH10 to RH8?

      What other files should be excluded from revision control?




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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check Colum's site (robocolum.com) for a blog post about what to have in source control & what not to have - or search for John Daigle on the forum as I think he had a post about source control files too

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            Author care Level 2

            By way of an update,

            First of all we found that some of the files which were NOT supposed to be under revision control were, that is the .cpd and .hhp files. We've corrected this problem and now the next stage is see if one of our help projects can operate normally with .cpd set to clear each time the project is opened.


            OK so now I have conducted the following test with the outsomes listed as follows:


            1. Took a help project with cpd not set to clear and the .cpd, .hhp, .ldb and .pss files excluded from revision control. At this point everything intact.
            2. Then generated a web help output saved and cheked everything back in.
            3. Ths project can be opened and all links intacts and folders present.
            4. Now set cpd to Clear project cache (cpd) file before opening any project using the following screen:




            1. Before closing project links intact and folders present.
            2. Next re-opened project and then found files and folders missing and broken links.


            The problems seems to be then that doing what I've been advised to do in the past i.e clear cpd breaks links and causes folders to be missing.

            Something that controls the makeup of theporject other than cpd is not right.


            Please can anyone offer any suggestions? A specific file perhaps?

            Note RoboHELP 10, windows 7 64 bit ..

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              Author care Level 2

              Have now solved the problem. When restoring the broken lkinks and missing folders I was re-importing them in not rightclicking on the broken link and clicking restore.


              Once a project has had the links restored it can be re-opened even with cpd set to regenerate and the links are still intact.