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    Late 2011 MacBook Pro, AMD Radeon HD 6770M and CS6

    sinse73 Level 1

      I just bought a second hand MacBook Pro (Late 2011, 2.5GHz Quad i7 with the 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6770M card) for a decent price. Here's the thing tho, I didn't realize that AE CS6 doesn't play nice nice with the AMD cards due to the GPU acceleration due to the CUDA support. Barefeats states that "Every Mac with an NVIDIA GPU blew away the... AMD GPU..."

      So, with that said, have I made a grave error buying this machine? I have looked online but can't get a straight answer: Will AE CS6 not perform well with my AMD card?

      Please take in consideration that I don't want to do very heavy lifting, but I do require some sort of performance when I need it (with out going into lengthy explantions, I bought this machine to work on at home, but I have a MacPro at work for the heavy duty stuff). My worry is if I try and render, I'll sitting around for hours.

      Can anyone let me know if the AMD card is going to limit my performance with AE (and PS, AI) CS6?