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    How to create a interactive cube?


      I want to create an interactive cube 10''x10"x10" that I can export to dreamwaver and put it on a website and the viewers can interact with it (move it around freely). I also want to have text on each side of the cube which moves with the cube and also want it to be able to zoom in and out.

      This is a school project and my school has the adobe master collection so software is not a issue and my schol also has all of the autodesk products and i have the student versions of autodesk. I only have a timefram of a week and I dont know anything about programing, but I can follow a video or directions, please help?


      I also want to create an inside version of cube (so it looks like you are in a cube and loking at the sides) and want that with text and be able to interact to.



      Please Help?