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    Trial Expiration/Purchase & Reg still not recognized

    FauxtoGuy Level 1

      I purchased the download version of CS6 Extended in Oct. 2012. Purchased directly from Adobe. (download version, NOT Creative Cloud) I soon had major issues with prompts warning that my "trial version" was set to expire. Even after registration. After numerous calls to tech suppt. I had to perform a full uninstall, which I did EXACTLY as the (very knowledgable & helpful) Adobe Tech directed (phone support). I am still intermittanty prompted that my "Trial has expired". I enter my reg #, and all is good . . . until it happens again. I am on hold with Adobe Tech Support now. It has been well over an hour. The first tech has directed me to another -but after an hour on hold, no one has picked up. I suspect that I will be ultimately instructed to uninstall/re-install yet again.


      This never happened before Creative Cloud. I have been an Adobe user since beta testing Photoshop 1.0.


      I previously followed all instructions for the uninstall using cleaner, etc. as directed. Having to input my serial # every so often is a minor annoyance, but that's all. If at some point that does NOT remedy the situation, it will be a huge amount of lost time un-installing/downloading/re-installing. Not to mention hours with tech support. I would like to find a permanent solution to this situation, which -hopefully- does not require a ful re-install.