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    JKL scrubbing is too slow


      In Final Cut Pro, I could tap the J or L key multiple-times and scrub super fast through a long clip.     In PP 6, the J and L just isn't fast enough.  I have to grab the mouse to scrub quicker.  Is there a setting to adjust this ?


      Secondly,  I absolutely love this Final Cut shortcut but can't find it in PP.   I would select a clip in the timeline, and then using my keyboards up and down arrow keys, could move the clip to a different track.   I have been able to move a clip left and right but NOT up and down.   Is this possible ?


      Lastly,  in FCP I would map a keyboard shortcut to change the 'color' of the clip in the bin after I had used it in the timline.  I have played with 'label groups' but this is only visible in the 'label' tab.  Is there a way to mark or color a clip name ?


      thanks very much!