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    "A new folder for every project file"

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      Aha!!  Right, from now on ... (thanks Steve)



      From the Muvipix.com Guide to Adobe PE11 by Steve Grisetti

      (p 36) [on starting and saving a new project]


      2     Click the Browse button to choose a location to save your new

      project file.

      We at Muvipix recommend always selecting the Browse option and,

      wherever you choose to save your file, creating a new folder for every

      new project file.


      This little bit of housekeeping keeps all of your new project's files in

      one neat, little folder. And, when your project is done and you want to

      clear it from your computer, you can then remove not only the project

      file but all of the temp, render and scratch disk files Premiere Elements

      has created for that project simply by deleting that single folder!


      This makes post-project clean-up a much easier and neater process.



      OK, hope I've got it this time (at last)



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          I use that same scheme, and while it does sacrifice a bit of ultimate performance, it make organization much easier, plus cleanup a snap.


          Here is an article on how I use my folders and sub-folders for Project organization: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3998053#3998053


          Good luck, and glad that you are finding Steve's books useful. I would not be without them, and with the changes in PrE 11, that goes double.



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            Oh no!  I thought I’ll re-work that Canal video again, but this time saved the project from the very start in a new folder on an ext HD (500 GB) connected USB3.0.  Tried all sorts of things on it, saved each time in the same folder.   Cleared all 14 clips from Project Assets (which of course emptied the timeline).   Shut down PE11.   Checked via Windows Explorer that the project files were all on the ext HD – and by the way, there are no other files on it, just the PE files.  My understanding is that Advanced System Care Pro (Iobit) regularly defrags all my drives if necessary (tho’ I haven’t done this manually for months with this drive).


            OK, opened PE, went to Open Recent Projects, it shows the above .prel file and the entire path, I click on it and – 


            Weird, just weird


            Nil desperandum




            Edited --- and another weird thing, my email isn't sending the complete message I type to this forum.   I sent a whole message once and it never appeared, but this time it's cut off half a sentence above (it did this before, earlier today).


            That sentence should read,


            OK, opened PE, went to Open Recent Projects, it shows the above .prel file and the entire path, I click on it and – nothing happened!   (You'll have gathered that's what happened, but I wrote it in my Windows Live Mail, sent via BT-Yahoo ISP ......... )  Hey wait, there was a whole lot more.


            Here's a copy / paste from Windows Live Mail outbox


            It’s so odd, because as I said previously, most of the time it works so well, does all the things it’s supposed to do.   I followed Steve’s instructions here to the letter.   By the way, as you know, it’s not just the ext HD, this has been happening all along with allowing PE to save everything in its default Folder 11.

            I would be – now – very sorry indeed to have to abandon PE11 simply on this account, but it’s causing me to waste such a lot of time.   (Let alone the expense of buying it, plust one Lynda.com course, plus 2 books – not forgetting that I’d previously tried the Corel software and bought a book and DVD for that too!!)

            Might just use – what’s that simplicity-itself thingy everyone uses who just want to get any old kind of thing up on You Tube ..........   Oi vey!! <<more weary sigh>>

            Weird, just weird

            Nil desperandum

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              OK Brian,


              Just so that I understand what you have done, and what you are encountering, I will restate things, and then please correct me, where I have gone wrong.


              You had a Project, the Canal_Project, and you then did a Save_As for that Project, locating that Save_As Project to an external USB 3.0 drive. That Save_As Project shows in your Recent Projects list, but when you choose that, to Open, it does not Open. Is that correct?



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                While we work on that Save_As Project, I have two articles for you to read:


                Project Files & Saving: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3392837#3392837

                Editing With Externals: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4542396#4542396


                I do not think that the second one will be coming into play yet, but it will be useful in the future.


                In anticipation of some of the issues, that can crop up, when Moving Projects around, and especially with external drives, here are two more:


                "Where is file ___ ?: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4598705#4598705

                Media Off-Line: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3561281#3561281


                Good luck,



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                  Yes Bill, please see a screen capture (successive views, opening 3 folders, hidden paths revealed etc ...).   I've put a few identifying notes on it.  The .prel files are definitely there!!  You have stated my prob correctly.


                  It's now past 12-30 am early Sat morning and I'm going to be sensible, yes, really, and go to bed!   But I plan to be at the desk again tomorrow!


                  Thanks yet again for your help.


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                    OK, that 67KB PREL, "Reworking-Canal-Video.PREL" is not Opening in PrE, correct?


                    After you choose it, does PrE just sit there?


                    Good luck,



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                      I'm still here, shocking, isn't it ...  Look, I just noticed that for some reason two copies of PE11 seem to appear.  Let me explain.  If I go to the "Reworking ..." file via Windows Explorer and rightclick to open, a dialog box opens showing two lines, each saying PE11, similarly if I try with "Choose Default Program", again the dialog box shows TWO copies of PE11.


                      I wonder ...  Before I came to this forum, and I think even before I went to Elements Village, I thought there might be a corrupted file or two in my initial downloading from Adobe (I didn't get it via a DVD).   So I uninstalled PE11, and reinstalled it.


                      Looking in Program Files (x86) there's a copy of Organizer but no copy of PE11.  But in Program Files, in folder Adobe, there is a copy of PE11 (and also Photoshop CS5 (64-Bit).


                      Is all that in order, I wonder?   The two appearances of PE11 in the "Open with ..." dialog looks suspect to me.   I wonder if I have some remnants of the original PE11 software left?


                      I do have the Iobit Uninstall software which claims to do deep searches within the Registry, and I've used it several times.  I can't be sure if I used it when uninstalling my original copy of PE11.


                      But right now, I'm a bit whacked and must call it a day!


                      all best


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                        Will I get any sleep tonight?  I couldn't resist having a look in Iobit uninstaller, and it's showing only one version of PE11.


                        But the following has happened twice (but doesn't always happen).  I opened PE11, chose "Open Recent project", and each time (twice just in the last few minutes, but I recall now that this happened before but I didn't pay much attention to it), the CTI has shot to the precise length of the new project, but the timeline itself is blank.


                        Nothing in Project Assets, and although I'm working in Expert Mode,I had a look at Quick Mode and of course there's nothing there either.


                        But what I've also just remembered, is that on a couple of occasions in the recent past, after episodes exactly like the problem I'm describing now, the Project suddenly will appear!


                        So what's happening?   It's as if it opens *invisibly" (impossible oxymoron), or something blocks it most of the time, but suddenly for some reason one time doesn't.


                        The only reason I was able to complete the original Canal video at all is that I was sure if I once closed it, it would never open again!


                        Really off this time -- goodnight!


                        See you tomorrow, ie later today.


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                          Now, there ARE two versions of PrE 11, but the installation routine should survey the OS, and determine which is the correct one. Having two on you system is a puzzle.



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                            OK, the Timeline is blank. Did you get any error messages, such as "Where is file ___ ?"


                            If you go to the Project Tab, do you see your Assets (the Imported files)? Do they show Offline?


                            Just some thoughts,



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                              Dammit, I couldn't let it rest, I had this thought -- if it's "opening invisibly", the .prel file IS opening cos the CTI moves to the end of it, it's just that THERE'S NOTHING IN THE FILE (sorry for shouting, it's late).   Could it be that the files have been opening all along but the CONTENT isn't connected.   Heck I thought, I'm gonna open up this darn computer cos I think I know what the problem is / has been (huh?)


                              The problem is the .MOV files were still in their *original* folder -- I'd opened the movie clips in Project Assets, and saved the Project in the ext hard drive, but the original clips were not  with the project.


                              So I moved (not copied) the files to the Project location, but it turned out the pc simply copied them anyway cos it left the originals on the computer.  And of course it didn't work.  Although the clips were now in the same folder as the project files, the project wasn't aware of them.


                              OK one last go.  I got all the clips back into Project Assets, and remade the same project (this time without any of the trimmings, ie no fancy stuff, it was just an as-is joinup) and saved it with the same name over the previous Canal file.


                              And Lo! the angels of the Lord descended and a bright light shone over the Timeline and Project Assets -- for 'twas Canal Project restored to life and rarin' to go.


                              And I really am off, you-know-where.  Maybe I'll stay away til Tuesday.  Few days reading Grizetti's book would do me no harm whatever.  Obviously.


                              omg, enough already


                              Brian  (off to count sheep)

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                                In the AM, check out that Opened Project, and look to the far right. If there are any scroll bars, manipulate those, to see if there are Clips on Tracks, that you cannot see, without those scroll bars.


                                Good luck, and sleep well,



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                                  The file still opens (after the computer has had a good night’s sleep, like its owner).

                                  Seriously, tho, I’ve learned the most important lesson, the hard way, ie learned it for myself.

                                  For someone like me (and if such a one exists, I sympathise) it really needs to be spelled out in big bold red-and-gold letters that with this software ALL the files must be kept in the same place.   I think that’s what you and Steve and the guys at the Village were telling me, but I didn’t really take it on board that all means all.

                                  That really, I think, is different from any other program I’ve ever used. Reminds me of the way I keep my books.  In the past I used to have these on the shelves strictly according to subject matter, x-category was here, all y-category there, etc.  Then the room got redecorated and nothing got put back the same way, and all was higgledy-piggledy.  But *I* know where everything is and that’s the difference between humans and computers.  The point is, I can’t treat .prel files and their related .mov files as if they were books in my library.

                                  Now I must go and read your article again on folder-structures (hierarchies) and the other stuff you’ve kindly sent me.



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                                    I think that you are correct - computers need a good night's sleep sometimes too. Maybe the silicon molecules need to realign?


                                    The Project folder structure that I outlined is not the only way to do things. However, the "secret" to any folder structure is to first understand what a PREL file is, and how it is sturctured, then determine a folder structure that works for you, and keep to that for all Projects.


                                    I like my structure, and it's almost exactly like the one that Steve uses and writes about in his books, and Learning Series. It is simple, easy to accomplish, and makes the deletion of a finished Project so very easy. One impetus for that structure on my systems is that I often migrate Projects between my laptop and my workstation, so I sacrifice performance for that portability. I am still using a roomful of FW-800 externals, for my Projects, and moving them about.


                                    Many users build some pretty specialized editing rigs, for very high performance, and spread different types of Assets over many HDD's (many in RAID) configuration. They DO get a bump in performance, which is their ultimate goal, but then each Project has material spread over those additional HDD's, so they must devise a folder structure, that allows them to quickly navigate through those HDD's, and easily find the Assets for a particular Project. Nothing wrong with their structure, so long as they take everything into consideration, before they do the setup. The key is to always create their folder structure over, and over, and to not deviate from it.


                                    As you read over the articles, do not hesitate to ask about anything that is not clear. When you understand the PREL completely, and study your system a bit, you might come up with a structure that works even better for you.


                                    Good luck, and happy editing,



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                                      Thanks Bill, that's helpful.  I spent the entire afternoon completely restructuring my pc because I realised that in my attempts to be clever with partitioning the HD and one of the externals, I'd completely mixed up what was which.  It's no wonder poor PE11 had such a hard time, which then gave me a hard time, and which I fear I passed on a bit to the forum, which luckily is resilient enough not to be affected.


                                      I've moved all my photos back from the ext HD to the main OS 'C' drive, although still to a partition on their own, formatted and renamed



                                      the 500 GB ext HD and dedicated it completely to everything PE11, plus Photoshop scratch disk.   I've done all sorts of things to the new version of Canal, partly for practice, partly to ensure that it opened again every time I closed it, and it does.  Phew!   Thanks for all your and Steve's help again.  I think (I hope!) I'm on my way now properly.


                                      BTW, had a look through Richard Harrington's Creating DSLR Video: From snapshots to great shots which I just got.  It's a really practical and down-to-earth book, full of useful information and tips, with some really good photos to illustrate the techniques.   Made me realise I've been shooting videos all wrong so far!  Great stuff!


                                      Never stop learning new tricks, that's what I tell all the old dogs in the street.





                                      PS  Why on earth does Windows change drive letters spontaneously?  I gather one has to keep a stern eye on that one.

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                                        Why on earth does Windows change drive letters spontaneously?  I gather one has to keep a stern eye on that one.

                                        Windows will usually assign the next letter to a drive, when it is detected, unless it has been directed to assign a particular drive letter to that drive. As I plug in, and unplug myriad externals, I want each one to have a unique drive letter, and the same one on each of my computers. When I get a new external, the first thing that I do (if formatting is not required), is to assign it a unique drive letter, in the OS of my machines. The external needs to be plugged in, and turned on, to do that, and in each computer. Windows then matches my drive letter assignment to match the ID of that external HDD. Everytime that I plug in and turn it on, it will get, say "X:\."


                                        As my workstation has many HDD's, and several multi-drives/burners already, I have fewer drive letters available. For that reason, I started with Z:\, and worked back, as I added more externals. I place a removable diskette label on each, with the assigned drive letter, plus a few notes on what I have on that one, say the Project Names. When I finish Projects, or add new ones, I might remove that label, and create a new one, but will mark that with the same drive letter, such as Z:\. As I can easily have four externals plugged in at one time, they might be: Z:\, Y:\, X:\ and W:\.


                                        That means that for every Project on each, the OS will always assign the same drive letter, and Premiere will always be able to link up with all of its files, so that I never get Media Offline, or "Where is file ____ ?"


                                        Good luck,



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                                          I shall bear that in mind and do likewise!