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    Can I easily add closed captions to a screen capture video?


      Greetings folks!

      I am using Adobe Captivate 6.0 with OS Windows 7.  I am a teacher and I use Captivate to create online lectures.  I am using the "Record addtional slides" button to capture my screen.


      Is there an easy way to create closed captions for this video file that is created? 

      My searches have shown me how to caption a video if it is "inserted" into the slide (video --> insert video)...but not if I record the slide right into the document.

      I am attaching a link to a final product, so you can see the layout of my lectures.  I am using captivate to create these lectures so that eventually, I can include activities (quizzes, etc) that follow the lecture content. 

      Thank you so much for your help...it is critical that I am able to easily caption my content.